Deeply embedded in internet culture laced w/ g33k.

deeply embedded in internet culture laced with g33k

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Throwback Thursday

Technology rolled up her velvet sleeves
and swept her dirty blond hair out of her eyes
and lit a candle with a chrome zippo
and licked her lips (in slow motion)
then leaned toward me and said

"i am the wind, and i am the one true light
and through your suffering you will find what you are looking for
we are all children of the revolution
swinging on a star”

technology’s idol was progress
and every willing body technology could find to fuck
she imagined to be her twin sister progress
and the two writhed naked and sweaty in front of a crowd

"when you think you’ve lost all hope,"
she slurred at me seductively,
“just when chaos reigns supreme
there will come a rider on a white horse
the rider is me.”

i felt technology’s fingers unzipping my jeans
and grinding against me to get me hard
and pulled her dress up and leaned against the wall
and moaned as she guided me into her
and then she wrapped her long skinny arms around me
and whispered in my ear

"let pain bring due reward of light and love
let the rider from the secret place come forth
let light and love and power and death
fulfill the purpose of the coming one…”

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Google is Backing a $300 Million High-Speed Internet Cable

" In addition to Google, the $300 million project will be jointly managed by China Mobile International, China Telecom Global, Global Transit, KDDI, and SingTel, with NEC as the system supplier. "

I am really confused by China’s involvement since, you know, they do not even allow google to be used in their country.