Deeply embedded in internet culture laced w/ g33k.

deeply embedded in internet culture laced with g33k

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For $4 I had to give laundry technology a try. I have set a high standard of laundry soap expectation and don’t usually go for such marketing ploys, but this had oxy AND febreeze. Plus Gain was standing behind it.
Smells clean is clean.

I had two choices at the store and went with the Moonlight Breeze-well because night-and we like the moon.

So I gathered my pile-ammo bag included-and threw one of the pods on top and shut the lid to the hamper. Rolled that baby off to the front loader. Let’s see how this would pan out.

Had I been at the laundromat, I’d have been able to give you a suds rating, but not today. I wanted to SQUISH that pod so bad. I know it is a bad picture but when you hold it, you are dying to POP it like bubble wrap. It is just bursting!

JUDGEMENT: There were some trouble areas on my bag that I was concerned about but everything came out clean and smells great!
Will it continue to smell great 3 days later like A&H Orchard Bloom does?

We shall see… litmus. Litmus everywhere.

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