Deeply embedded in internet culture laced w/ g33k.

deeply embedded in internet culture laced with g33k

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Type what you hear

I think everyone who takes themselves too seriously wants to work their way up to a blank DAS keyboard (yes the one with the number pad)

And I am no different.

After all this time, I’m still a heads-down keylogger and there is no excuse for this weakness of mine given ALL OF THE TIME the internet has sucked out of me always asking me to come outside and play. I should be a master in the field and competing at SXSW like this guy.

But, no.

So initially transcribing was supposed to put me in an environment that would help me to remove my years and years of bad typing habits. Like right now? My thumb on my left hand? It’s a kickstand when I type. Just like it ever was.
That joint has taken a lot of wear and tear.
Hurts so good.
Makes me wonder how Apollo Creed taught Rocky to fight South Paw.

There was also a time that I could not hear due to clingy eustachian tubes that liked to keep ALL THE FLUIDS!

Separation issues? I dunno.
The situation got bad enough that I had to figure out how to redo some everyday tasks since I could no l longer depend upon my ears. They are both functioning well now but the experience made me more aware how much I took for granted my hearing .. and other abilities.
PLUS ever since I heard the hearing/sight/mobility disabled plea for help, I’ve always wanted the internet and it’s content accessible for all.

Metafilter is a text-based plethora of internet goodness website. It also offers a monthly audio roundup podcast featuring the best of Metafilter by the operators of the site. There was some great information and the ASL community was missing out on just this one audio aspect of this internet cornerstone website.

The MeFi community, that thinks of everything, had started the project of transcribing the podcast and even offered a few transcribing tools to pitch in, but they were clunky and not fun. It wasn’t until fanscribed by Mathew Scott was implemented that the project picked up once again and transcribing in 30 second snippets became fun!

I mean how else would I be able to retain the information that French Fry is cortex's brother?
I am currently listening in on Conversation 93 where I’m learning all about Matt’s first time seeing Dragon’s Lair in an arcade, Warhammer 40K, miniatures, google adsense, the future of metafilter, how mathowie pronounces FIOS, one tap Quest, Xenomorphs and so much more random nonsense.
Meta information.

…. Much Later …..

… and DONE! Midlife Crisis Machine (photo) and transcription complete!

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MetaFilter: The right to be forgotten?

Video round table discussion covering current observations in the technology realm.
Host @LeoLaporte of
Brian Brushwood of @schwood
Larry Magid of @larrymagid
Ben Thompson of


This 05/25/2014 episode of This Week in Tech with the self-delared “irregulars” was a refreshing discussion on current events. Leo, never leaving a rock unturned, mentioned the google vs metafilter wrongful death. The video will auto start at the beginning of this discussion.

Matt Haughey’s perspective of things via his Medium post

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Further proof the cover is sometimes better than the original:
I seem to go looking for this netherland boys thinking monkey rendition just sit down there honey light a candle and im going to sing this right quick.

But here is a mashup of Airto singing and Mayer ruining his own song. Needs more soul.
(Just Airto here)

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