Deeply embedded in internet culture laced w/ g33k.

deeply embedded in internet culture laced with g33k

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Further proof the cover is sometimes better than the original:
I seem to go looking for this netherland boys thinking monkey rendition just sit down there honey light a candle and im going to sing this right quick.

But here is a mashup of Airto singing and Mayer ruining his own song. Needs more soul.
(Just Airto here)

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Why is it not rendering links and embedded images???
(I’ll be going insane until this is rectified, I can assure you.)


Diggnation (2005-2011) was a weekly tech/web culture show based on the top social bookmarking news stories.

Here is my initial female reaction to the show. Please note I was looking forward to a new video podcast and was a fan of I was there for the first run:
Alex was the cute one. Kevin wasn’t even on the radar. He was still pretty dorky back then - all elbows and knees - and those eyebrows. OMG.
Thankfully, that suicidegirl made a man out of him and by the show’s end I had Kevin pegged hotter than Alex. Who saw that coming?
Oh. And the content. The content of the show was great because I was able to sit in on their conversations covering internet/news topics I was eating up at the time. Okay still am. Whatever.

So diggnation became popular and Alex non-obsessively mentioned Heather who made the Number One Rule on the official drinking game - mostly because she was mentioned at least once during the show.
Oh the good ole days of Edward 40 hands!
It’s DUCT tape!

So Heather was mentioned often enough for me to be curious as to who was this Heather Stewart: Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Comedian?
Also, I was crushin on Alex, so I was curious to see what kind of girl lands a lovely specimen.
Eventually, she makes an appearance at a live diggnation show (I think Alex proposed to her on the show, too.) and we all get to see her! The forums were a buzz!

Later, Alex and Heather film 8 episodes of a cooking show together for Revision3 CTRL+ALT+CHICKEN and we get to see them together!
The show was somewhat useful but mostly the two of them interacting together turned out to be pretty fun to watch. I’ve kept up with Heather ever since.

She’s also done a video cast 1st Things 1st that she has since laid to rest.
On that show just let it all blow and I found her hilarious and delightfully refreshing! Made me feel like her BFF.

“I like to check in with the news about once a week. So I thought you might like to join me in this daring and bold venture. Come on. It’ll be fun. I’ll protect you from the dangers of the news jungle, just like your mother would. Trust me, I’m on the internet.”

My favorite online project of Kevin’s right now is and NOT (a vanity domain with kr=Kevin Rose) so pay attention!

This is a well-filmed HD quality video series where he interviews founders of successful start-up companies. He has a few decent questions he asks during each interview for continuity throughout the series. The show format has the founder start with their childhood and move chronologically towards their success.

Kevin KNOWS these people through his work with google ventures and is very comfortable and useful in this role. Each conversation offers an interesting glimpse into how some of the most popular software and services we use everyday were created.

Alex and Heather recently released a video from their wedding of a silent movie they made. It was very similar to the Roderick Goins (From Less Than Perfect) concept, except he used his silent video to propose and then rented a movie theater.

So now, well NOW Miz Heather has released her first official music CD and if you hit PLAY we can listen in on the best 45 minutes of her Release Party!
The sound quality is pretty decent and I am feeling thankful someone thought to do this!
Enjoy! (At 15:28 she sings the song Alex wrote.)

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