Deeply embedded in internet culture laced w/ g33k.

deeply embedded in internet culture laced with g33k

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2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

Colorado student’s MLK Tribute Sparks Controversy
So another child was successfully raised unaware of race and color. He wanted to show appreciation for Martin Luther King for a History class project.
I can imagine his excitement making sure he looked as close to MLK as he could.

ENTER SCHOOL: Costume deemed too racist for 2nd grade. Great history program! Cannot we ever as humans consider CONTEXT anymore? This student WAS PROUD to walk into school looking JUST LIKE Martin Luther King, and they ruined it for him.

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One Thing's For Sure: PSA: PlayStation Network goes down for maintenance tomorrow, will last around 15 hours


We know that it’s become all too easy to assume that the PlayStation Network is getting hacked again whenever it goes down. That said, consider this another heads-up in long line of previous friendly reminders: Since being postponed last Tursday, Sony’s announced that the PSN will go down…

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To Catch A Redditor

Jailbait was voted the best subreddit by the users in 2008, and was the #1 search term that brought people to the site. They kept it around because it made them lots of money, plain and simple.

At reddit we care deeply about not imposing ours or anyone elses’ opinions on how people use the reddit platform. We are adamant about not limiting the ability to use the reddit platform even when we do not ourselves agree with or condone a specific use. We have very few rules here on reddit; no spamming, no cheating, no personal info, nothing illegal, and no interfering the site’s functions. Today we are adding another rule: No suggestive or sexual content featuring minors.

In the past, we have always dealt with content that might be child pornography along strict legal lines. We follow legal guidelines and reporting procedures outlined by NCMEC. We have taken all reports of illegal content seriously, and when warranted we made reports directly to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, who works directly with the FBI. When a situation is reported to us where a child might be abused or in danger, we make that report. Beyond these clear cut cases, there is a huge area of legally grey content, and our previous policy to deal with it on a case by case basis has become unsustainable. We have changed our policy because interpreting the vague and debated legal guidelines on a case by case basis has become a massive distraction and risks reddit being pulled in to legal quagmire.

As of today, we have banned all subreddits that focus on sexualization of children:

Our goal is to be fair and consistent, so if you find a subreddit we may have missed, please message the admins. If you find specific content that meets this definition please message the moderators of the subreddit, and the admins.

We understand that this might make some of you worried about the slippery slope from banning one specific type of content to banning other types of content. We’re concerned about that too, and do not make this policy change lightly or without careful deliberation. We will tirelessly defend the right to freely share information on reddit in any way we can, even if it is offensive or discusses something that may be illegal. However, child pornography is a toxic and unique case for Internet communities, and we’re protecting reddit’s ability to operate by removing this threat. We remain committed to protecting reddit as an open platform.

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