Deeply embedded in internet culture laced w/ g33k.

deeply embedded in internet culture laced with g33k

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It’s True! Microsoft is pushing notifications onto XP users reminding them of their new found vulnerability.

One of my clients showed me a big write up in the local free paper. She thanked me for letting her know a head of time.

The first window is courtesy of WinPatrol. Little Scotty (scottish terrier) barked and everything. LOVE this add-on!
This program keeps your start up menu clean. It is warning me that this notification is being added to my start up menu to run one time.

I allowed the notification to add itself to my start menu so I could see what my customers are going to start seeing.

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This video is not meant to scare you.
Rather, it is a video made by one of my favorite geeks girls
when she found herself being recorded by a virus.
Lisa is outta Minneapolis and runs several locations.
“For those that missed this earlier…Check out this virus in my shop recording me from a clients computer… as I’m recording it recording me. Does that make sense? Lol. It’s freaky to watch. “


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For Your Consideration: Digital Security

Thanks for faxing my resume for me! However …..

I walked into the office and handed her a thumbdrive
She allowed me, without question to navigate her
to the drive and specify the folder to open.

It only contained one .doc file
She opened it and her default program launched ….

[malicious ones]
Can easily be hidden within a .doc file
and only require the .doc to be opened
to launch and hide … in your system ?

Please SCAN ALL unfamiliar programs you have received
BEFORE you OPEN or RUN them
[this includes .mp3s, too!]

HOW TO SCAN (takes just a few seconds!)
Right-Click on the file
Choose “Scan With ____”
____ = your anti-virus program.
If your anti-virus detects a problem
immediately remove the file without opening it!


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