Deeply embedded in internet culture laced w/ g33k.

deeply embedded in internet culture laced with g33k

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It’s True! Microsoft is pushing notifications onto XP users reminding them of their new found vulnerability.

One of my clients showed me a big write up in the local free paper. She thanked me for letting her know a head of time.

The first window is courtesy of WinPatrol. Little Scotty (scottish terrier) barked and everything. LOVE this add-on!
This program keeps your start up menu clean. It is warning me that this notification is being added to my start up menu to run one time.

I allowed the notification to add itself to my start menu so I could see what my customers are going to start seeing.

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This video is not meant to scare you.
Rather, it is a video made by one of my favorite geeks girls
when she found herself being recorded by a virus.
Lisa is outta Minneapolis and runs several locations.
“For those that missed this earlier…Check out this virus in my shop recording me from a clients computer… as I’m recording it recording me. Does that make sense? Lol. It’s freaky to watch. “


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